Mission Statement  

Founded March of 2008. Our mission is to help preserve and protect the Whitewater River for the benefit of wildlife, residents, recreation and public interest. We wish to preserve the Whitewater's cleanliness and history for generations to come. We do not have a 501c3 status, nor are we attempting to get one. We are not the type of group that has regular meetings, minutes, board members or such 'structure'. We simply care about the welfare of the Whitewater River and her history along with the promotion of "Maddie's Message".

We hope that if there is anything that may negatively affect the quality of Whitewater River and/or the persons or businesses along the river, then we will be contacted to help correct the situation.

We also consider ourselves the 'Watch Dogs' of the Whitewater River. We do all that we can to preserve the excellent water quality and her history for generations to come.

According to the Ohio EPA, the Whitewater River has an excellent water quality status and is only 1 of 3 rivers in the entire state with such a high rating! (The Mohican and the Tuscarawras are the other two rivers in the state of Ohio that are exceptionally clean). Our objective is to keep it of this excellent status. To maintain this, we take regular monthly water samples, so if anyone should 'mess with our river' then we will be alerted to address the problem. We are proud to say that the lower section of the Whitewater River in the state of Ohio is now cleaner and freer of debris than it has been for many generations due to regular river clean ups!


The Whitewater River Foundation Scholarship is available to seniors of William Henry Harrison High School in Harrison, Ohio, that will be attending a college or university.
The student must be pursuing a career in Environmental Science, particularly studies that will benefit waterways, to be eligible for this award.


2017 $500 Scholarship Recipient:

Ansley Houston

She will be attending the University of Tennessee in the Fall of 2017 majoring in Microbiology. Ansley plans to follow her dreams of research of microorganisms which she hopes will have a positive impact on the environment and human illnesses. Her long-term goal is to become a doctor and make a difference on the environment and diagnosing diseases caused by microorganisms.


2016 $500 Scholarship Recipient:

Andrew McCord

Andrew will be attending Ohio State University majoring in Agricultural Systems Management. He wishes to find better alternatives to the harsh chemicals used today in the farming industry and that a goal of his is to eliminate runoff pollution into our streams and rivers. We are pleased to be able to help Andrew on his way to reach his goals.