Interstate 275
Interstate 275

Interstate 275, officially named Donald H. Rolf Circle Freeway. But who is Donald H. Rolf? One source claims him to have been a politician.
Cincinnati's eighty-eight mile long I-275 is the longest looped expressway in the United States.

It is also the only loop to travel through three bordering states, with fifty-four miles in Ohio, thirty-two in Kentucky and two miles in Indiana. I-275 DOES indeed, pass through the City of Cincinnati limits. From the Sutton Road overpass at the Anderson Township border to the Ohio River, this stretch does indeed pass through (drive southbound past the New Richmond/US 52 interchange and down that grade you see a distinct Cincinnati - Corporation Limit
sign when you hit this bridge). It is at its furthest point about fifteen miles from Cincinnati. It has seven interchanges with other major expressways and thirty local interchanges.

I-275 crosses the Ohio River twice, with several other large bridges over tributaries and also the Licking River. I-275 is multiplexed with I-74 a distance of about two miles near Miamitown, Ohio.

Construction began in 1958 (Route 4 to Route 42). Steady progress was made on the loop until its completion with the Carol C. Cropper Bridge over the Ohio River near Lawrenceburg, Indiana. and the two mile segment in Indiana in 1979. (Carol Cropper is believed to have been a judge in Butler County, Kentucky). The stretches through Ohio and Indiana were built through what was mostly farmland.

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