Whether at home or on vacation, we all know that it is always important to keep safety in mind, especially when children are in or near water.

Unfortunately, many young children drown due to not having their life jackets properly secured. Many caregivers do not realize that a child-sized life jacket has a required "between the leg" snap.
It came to our attention that there was no available educational material available to demonstrate the simplicity of how to properly fit a child-sized life jacket after contacting the "Safe Boating Campaign/Wear-It Program". When we asked as to why such a poster did not exist, we were told that it was, "A desired poster to have available, but there wasn't any grant monies to create one". We then created such a poster that can now be displayed at canoe liveries, marinas or anywhere that a young child is enjoying water sports.

Our poster demonstrates how to properly secure a child-sized life jacket. We call this poster, "Maddie's Message".
We once again contacted the Safe Boating Campaign. They were very pleased and willing to make our poster available on their website, so we donated it to them. This poster can now be down-loaded for FREE by visiting the Safe Boating Campaign's website by scrolling to the bottom of their page for, "Maddie's Message".

We also have a laminated 11" x 17" poster available for sale at our cost. The laminated posters are larger than the free downloadable version and can withstand the weather if it is to displayed outside. Click Here to See Maddie's Message.

We wish for everyone to safely enjoy water sports, especially our young children.


To See Maddie's Message
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