Long Island Beach
Long Island Beach

Long Island Beach was somewhat similar in nature to Hunt's Grove and Coney Island. Long Island Beach was located on Suspension Bridge Road along the Whitewater River at the present location of Green Acres. Long Island Beach was started by a small group of young men with the last name of Pope who owned the property.

Earl and Jennings Pope were teenagers when they began selling soda pop out of a washtub by the road for the thirsty travelers. Route 50 wasn't built yet and Suspension Bridge Road was one of the main roads to Cincinnati. (The two young men were cousins, but were raised like brothers). The travelers and local people began asking if they could swim in the river. So around 1925, Earl, Jennings, Arthur and Ed Pope (Arthur and Ed were brothers to Jennings), began clearing some of the river bank to make it accessible. Patrons were charged 10 cents per person to park and charged 10 cents per person to swim. Local children were admitted free but were not permitted to dive into the river from the bridge or play the slot machines, which were later added.

Every year more attractions were added. Concrete was poured for two tennis courts and a ping-pong table. A dance hall was built, which included a round crystal ball, and dances were held on Saturday nights. A refreshment stand was constructed near the river bank and a concrete dance floor and a band stand were added. A family of musicians with the last name of "Junglas" played all kinds of instruments. They were a happy, vivacious group. Ray Junglas played the bass fiddle, Nita played the piano and Ray Jr. would play an instrument and sing. There were also other musicians who would come to play or sing; such as Rosemary Clooney, Spike Jones, and other big bands.
Long Island Beach stretched out about 1 mile along the Whitewater River. The property north of Suspension Bridge Road was owned by brothers, Edward, Arthur and Jennings Pope. Their cousin, Earl owned the property south of the bridge. Their fathers were two brothers named John and Michael Pope; who together purchased the farm in 1888.

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